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Best cold water swimming gloves

Best Cold Water Swimming Gloves in the UK

Swimming gloves are becoming increasingly popular among swimmers of all levels and experience. In this article, we will explore the benefits of wearing swimming gloves, from improving your technique to protecting cold water and other elements. We will also review some of the top brands on the market and their best products. Read on to find out more.

Swimming Gloves

1. FitsT4 Aqua Swimming Gloves Webbed Paddle Swim Gloves

These gloves are made from high-quality neoprene and feature webbed fingers that provide great water resistance. The open-finger design allows hands more flexibility and breathability, while the adjustable wrist velcro closure ensures a snug fit. The special web design of the gloves helps to increase propulsion in the water, making them ideal for swimming training or lap swimming. Also, they help tone and strengthen muscles, making them great for upper-body workouts.


  • Fits comfortably small children
  • Helps develop stroke form and breathing techniques
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Two intensity levels of resistance

2. ZCCO Premium Neoprene Swimming Gloves

These five-finger gloves are made of high-quality 3mm neoprene material, meaning they’re built to last. The unique design adds flexibility, making the gloves easier to put on and take off. Plus, the elastic adjustable velcro wristband ensures a snug and comfortable fit every time. The gloves also feature non-slip particles that allow you to grab moorings or other objects without the risk of injury. The high elasticity and excellent recovery keep your hands warm and comfortable in all types of water conditions.


  • Keeps hands warm and dry
  • Machine washable
  • Fast drying
  • Reinforced fingertips for extra durability

3. 2 Pairs of Swimming Gloves Aqua Fit Swim

The 2 Pairs Swimming Gloves Aqua Fit Swim Training Gloves Neoprene Gloves Webbed Fitness Water Resistance Training Gloves for Swimming Diving with Wrist Strap are a great addition to your swimming gear. These gloves are made of neoprene material which makes them resistant to water and ideal for water resistance training. They also feature an adjustable wrist strap that keeps them secure on your hands. The webbed fingers design increases propulsion through the water while the finger out design allows for more flexibility and breathability.


  • Reduce fatigue and increase endurance
  • Offer a more comfortable, tight fit
  • Keeps hands warm while swimming in cold water
  • Durable neoprene gloves for swimming and other water sports

4. Flow Swimming Resistance Gloves

The Flow Swimming Resistance Gloves are designed to provide added resistance during water aerobics, pool workouts, and lap swimming. The webbed fingers offer increased resistance while still allowing you to maintain a feel for the water, and the wrist straps are adjustable for a secure and comfortable fit. Choose from small, medium, or large to find the perfect size for your hands.


  • Available in one size
  • Comfortable, durable, and easy to clean
  • For use in the water or on dry land
  • Dual-density foam for ultimate comfort and fitness

5. XUKER Water Gloves

These neoprene gloves are glued and blind stitched for maximum durability and protection, while the soft elastic fabric will keep your hands nice and warm in the water. The palm grip is perfect for keeping a firm grip on any aquatic activity, from sailing to diving to kayaking. And with a wide unisex fit, these gloves are sure to fit most people. So don’t let the cold water stop you from enjoying your favorite water sports – pick up a pair of XUKER Water Gloves today.


  • A neoprene-lined, high-quality latex
  • Super stretchy and easy to put on your hands
  • Excellent insulation against the cold water
  • 3mm thickness provides maximum dexterity

6. Water Gear Silicone Force Gloves

The Water Gear Silicone Force Gloves are perfect for those who love to work out in the water. These gloves are designed to increase hand resistance by 50%, making them great for toning and strength training. They’re also compatible with our other swimming gear, so you can pair them with our water dumbbells for the ultimate workout. The soft padded grip allows for a great feel and awesome grip, while the resistant material protects your hands from harsh chemicals.


  • Silicone and neoprene construction
  • Protect your hands from blisters and chafing
  • Water Gear silicone gloves

7. Micosuza Neoprene 1.5mm Five-Finger Dive Gloves

The Micosuza Neoprene 1.5mm Five Finger Dive Gloves are perfect for water fitness and aqua aerobics. Made of premium lightweight neoprene, these gloves provide UV protection and defense against sea lice, jellies, and other biological irritants. The form-fitting design reduces drag in the water and provides you with free movement without restriction. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


  • Keeps you cool in the pool
  • Protects your hands from blisters and calluses
  • The non-slip lining prevents hand slip
  • Perfect for water aerobics, snorkeling, kayaking, and gardening

8. WINOMO 1 Pair Webbed Swimming Gloves

WINOMO 1 Pair Webbed Swimming Gloves are perfect for swimming and diving. They help you move through the water faster and with less effort while protecting your hands from scratches. The gloves are made of a soft, skin-friendly material that is comfortable to wear. They also have a full cover design that protects your hands from jellyfish bites when you’re in deep water.


  • Adjustable velcro strap: make sure the gloves fit tightly and comfortably
  • Swimsuit friendly: wear with or without a swimsuit
  • Extra grip: provide a better grip in the water

9. Synergy Neoprene Thermal Swim Gloves

These Synergy Neoprene Thermal Swim Gloves are perfect for keeping your hands warm while swimming, diving, surfing, or kayaking. The 2mm insulating neoprene is thick enough to retain heat, but not so thick that it inhibits your movement. The lengthened cuffs help keep the heat in, and the webbing provides power and propulsion through the water. The seams are double stitched and heat taped for durability, and the gloves are suitable for many different sports activities.


  • Thermal insulation, to keep hands warm
  • Anti-slip silicone grip
  • Made out of neoprene material
  • Keeps your fingers warm, dry, and safe from sharp objects


Swimming gloves offer a range of benefits to swimmers of all levels. From improving your grip on the water to helping you keep warm when swimming in cold water, these gloves are an essential piece of swim gear that every serious swimmer should own. Whether you’re diving into the pool or jumping off a dock, make sure you have a pair of swimming gloves handy for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.


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